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Using a digital credential for business online services

From March 2020 you will not be able to log in to Centrelink Business Online Services using an AUSkey.

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Government and the private sector are adopting the use of the digital credential for online services to provide additional security for their online customers. Centrelink recognises the need to make it easy for business to interact online while protecting their security and privacy. Digital credentials provide strong authentication making online services even more secure.

Why use a digital credential?

When a business uses their digital credential for online services they can be confident the information exchanged is protected and cannot be read by anyone other than the recipient. The information cannot be tampered with during transmission and the sender has evidence they performed the transaction.

Types of digital credentials you can use with Centrelink

Digital credentials you can use for Centrelink business online services include:

  • ATO Primary digital certificate.
  • ATO Secondary digital certificate.
  • Administrator AUSkey.
  • Standard AUSkey.

You can install your ATO digital certificate and AUSkey on your computer, a USB stick or both.

ATO digital credentials and AUSkeys are free. To find out more visit

Why use the ATO digital certificate or AUSkey?

Many businesses dealing with Centrelink already have an ATO digital certificate and will eventually register for an AUSkey.

Centrelink will accept an ATO digital certificate or AUSkey as the credential to access their online services. Business will have the benefit to use the one credential to access online services at Centrelink and other government online services.

How do businesses use their digital credential for Centrelink business online service?

If your business has a digital credential and you have a Centrelink business online account all you need to do is link the credential with Centrelink.

To link your credential you will need to:

  • Enter your User ID and password to be validated by Centrelink.
  • Once validated you will be passed to the Government Authentication Service.
  • At the Government Authentication Service you will be asked to digitally sign your credential.
  • The Service will validate your digital credential and return you to Centrelink.
  • Details of your credential will be recorded for your Centrelink User ID.
  • Centrelink will pass you to the business online service for which you are authorised.

Every time a business uses their digital credential to access Centrelink business online services it will be validated using the Government Authentication Service.

Link your digital credential with Centrelink

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